Man’s effect on Russian River’s mouth studied


A crumbling rock and concrete jetty largely buried and forgotten beneath the sand at the mouth of the Russian River has become the focus of renewed interest amid studies to determine its impact on the adjacent estuary.

No one knows, for instance, how deep the remnants of the 84-year-old jetty and adjoining seawall extend below the mutable surface of Goat Rock State Beach, nor how they affect the shifting sands and mingling of salt and fresh water where the river meets the sea.

But that’s expected to change.

A series of geophysical tests that began Wednesday and are scheduled to extend into next week are aimed at resolving some of the mysteries of the historic structures and how they interact with environmental forces at the river’s end in Jenner, the Sonoma County Water Agency said.

via Man's effect on Russian River's mouth studied | The Press Democrat.