Our world transformed

Wendy Krupnick, iGROW SONOMA BLOG

A month ago it felt that the natural world around us was slowly dying. No grass for the grazers, no frogs, and no scent to the dusty, dry soil. Plants and people who love them were stressed. Then, almost overnight, the fields are vibrant green, frogs and birds are in chorus, and the soil is sweet and fragrant, bursting with life. I’ve never before felt so profoundly the risk of running out of precious water, and now such gratitude for rain. I hope that this “wake up call” for all of us has lasting effects. Reservoirs are still critically low and erratic weather is our new norm, so conservation must be too.

 The combination of ample rain and warm temperatures made my garden explode with growth. The chives jumped out of the ground, kale stood tall and artichoke plants tripled in size. It’s amazing how much food is in my garden now! Escaroles, endives, mache (cornsalad), parsley, cabbage, chard, beets and mustard greens are all ready to pick, along with the staple kale and tree collards, and I use both garlic and regular chives like a vegetable now, they are so mild and lush. The dandelion greens are wonderful too, and the first asparagus is almost ready!

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