Sonoma County Biological Opinion Annual UPDATE


I find this subject fascinating. I fervently believe that all life systems are connected and that we are responsible for taking care of the home in which we live. Here in Sonoma County water is on the top of our list of environmental topics because we (usually) get rain 50% of the year and sun the other 50%. That has an impact on how we use, preserve and protect our water resources. 

As Anne Maurice stated in her public comment at the update hearing January 17th, we don’t live as if water is scarce 50% of the year. We grow crops when there is no rain to feed them. We plant lawns because we came from places where lawns made sense. We WASTE water on a daily basis.

So what does the Biological Opinion have to do with all of this?

It’s about water and the fish that live in it because they are our “Canary in the Coal Mine” for us. As they thrive or die, so do we.

via Sonoma County Biological Opinion Annual UPDATE.